Equipment Buying Guide

JAB Equipment Sales

Find new and used equipment, clothing & shoes for $1 and up!

Sales are organized and managed by our Junior Advisory Board (JAB) and all proceeds benefit youth scholarships.

We can cut and regrip clubs to make a youth starter set for only $20-30!

2023 Sale Schedule

All sales from 11:00am-3:00pm

Winter Sale
Sat, March 4 @ Jefferson Park

Spring Sale
Sat, May 20 @ Jefferson Park
Sun, May 21 @ Crossroads Par-3

Summer Sale
Sat, August 19 @ Jefferson Park
Sun, August 20 @ Crossroads Par-3

Fall Sale
Sat, October 28 @ Jefferson Park
Sun, October 29 @ Crossroads Par-3


To make a payment for any merchandise or orders, please use the following link:

Special Offers for new junior golf equipment

Top Flite Junior Golf

Junior Sets starting at $75!

U.S. Kids Golf

  1. Visit the USKG website to select the right size & model for participants. Please retrieve the product code (item number) from the website and include the full item title. Be sure to specify dexterity, as well. For example:
    1. UL48 5-club Set, Grey/Teal Bag    Product #18560
  2. Review the following price sheets (includes tax and shipping):

Also, check out the U.S. Kids Golf online OUTLET STORE for great prices on sets and individual clubs.

5% off all retail purchases. Simply show proof of membership with The First Tee.

Common Questions:

As a junior golfer, should I own clubs and a golf bag?

Owning your own clubs is not necessary in golf, but having access to the right equipment is key to success – that would mean clubs that you are comfortable with and that fit you properly. At First Tee, we always have equipment available, but you may want to purchase a set or a few clubs for yourself. The best place to find that equipment is either on the secondary market (Craiglist, thrift stores), retail (golf or sporting goods store), or at one of our JAB Equipment Sales, where you can find great clubs for $1 and up, and we provide club fitting for an additional $1.

What clubs should I own (how many)?

As a beginner, the most important club to own is a putter. Additionally, your set could include 2-4 irons, including one high (9i), medium (7i) and low (5i) loft club. The next step would be to add a hybrid or wood. For beginners we recommend 3-5 clubs, and not to exceed that until playing competitive golf in the teenage years. Fewer clubs is easier to carry and helps promote creativity and technique to hit various shots when learning the game.

Steel or graphite shafts?

Shaft material is an important consideration for all golfers, but most juniors and ladies should play with graphite shafts. Remember that if you resize or cut an adult club to junior length, the shaft becomes stiffer and less flexible, so we recommend only cutting graphite to youth size.

How do I determine the appropriate size?

Even more than the material composition of the clubs, sizing is paramount to promote a fluid and effective golf swing. There are many approaches to club fitting, but it all begins with proper stance and setup. From there you can determine where your hands will be in relation to the ground and the golf ball, and estimate the correct length of club for your stature and swing. For a junior who is still growing, it can be tempting to purchase clubs that they can grow into, but consider the statement by U.S. Kids’ Golf that “kids should grow out of their clubs, but not into them.” Clubs that are too long or heavy can greatly inhibit growth and skill development, and so it’s actually better in most cases to play with clubs that are too small than too large. Therefore, it’s best to find clubs that are no more than 0.5″-1.0″ longer than you’ll need and “grip down” to the correct position. 

Where can I find or purchase new clubs?

See above for recommendations on owning clubs, and if you decide to purchase from a retailer, we recommend the following merchants in the Seattle area:

RedBird Sports
Puetz Golf Superstores
Pro Golf Discount
Dick’s Sporting Goods

Play it Again Sports

Other recommendations? Let us know!