Moving up in levels?

See below for the full guidelines, and be sure to complete the three primary items:
1) Yardage Book (handed out in class)
2) Knowledge Tests (Life & Golf)
3) Chapter Championship (reach target score)
*Must reach minimum age by the first day of class. No exceptions!

Life Skills Experience

The First Tee Life Skills Experience is divided into six* primary stages:

  • TARGET is a fun and introductory golf experience that engages players in group activities focused on teamwork, cooperation, and motor skill development. For players age 5+.

Download the TARGET Level Outline.

  • The PLAYer level ensures a foundational understanding of the game and life skills concepts, focusing on interpersonal and self-management skills, the Nine Core Values and how to use them effectively, and the principles of the game. For all new players, and core level for ages 7-9.

Download the PLAYer Level Outline.

  • The PAR level focuses on fundamental communication and self-management skills, and golf skills are recorded to set benchmarks in skill progression. For ages 9+, and graduates of the PLAYer level.

Download the PAR Level Outline.

  • The BIRDIE level focuses primarily on goal setting, and gives players the opportunity to hone their golf and life skills and set goals for their futures. For ages 11+, and graduates of the Par level

Download the BIRDIE Level Outline.

  • The Teen & High School level is a customized program for those age 12+, providing a blend of the PLAYer, Par & Birdie curriculum and all the prerequisites of the Eagle level. For new and returning participants ages 12+.

*Teen & High School combines three lessons from three levels of the Life Skills Experience.

Download the Teen & High School Level Outline.

  • The EAGLE level provides advanced instruction and practice as well as additional topics such as staying well for life, conflict resolution, mentoring, and career planning. For ages 13+, and graduates of the Birdie level.

Download the EAGLE Level Outline.

  • The ACE level is the capstone experience of The First Tee. Participants have mastered the full Life Skills Experience, what it means to be a complete PLAYer, and are preparing fora successful transition to adulthood. Internships and leadership roles within the chapter are available. Minimum age for Ace certification is 15.

Progression Chart

*No exceptions are made to the age guidelines above.

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