For any young person to be successful, they need a strong support system. The First Tee coaches are an important member of that team, but no one is more important than you are, as parents and guardians. You may wonder how best to help your son or daughter be successful in golf and in The First Tee program. Simple things like completing the homework or Yardage Book together can help, both to share a mutual interest and also to review the lessons at home. If you can, visit the golf course together! Take advantage of the Open Play policy and get some extra practice and play time – it will go a long way in their skill development and in your relationship. Finally, always make sure that your goals are shared, and don’t rush through the “sampling” and “exploration” phases to get to the “specialization” phase. Genuine interest must come first, and then skill acquisition is possible. For more details on how to help your child be successful, both on and off the course, we recommend the following video for all parents and guardians: “Golf Parent for the Future” – (10 min). Vision 54 is an industry leader in the theories golf skill development for all ages, with the goal being the pursuit of the perfect round: in score, enjoyment, and application for the future. Pia and Lynn were also instrumental in the development of The First Tee curriculum around the country.   We are also strong supporters of the Positive Coaching Alliance, and align our teaching methods accordingly. Check it out! If you would like to be involved with your child’s experience with The First Tee, we ask that you enroll as a volunteer coach. As a member of the coaching team, you will have the opportunity to learn the curriculum and help deliver the lessons to the class as a whole. Sign up HERE and be sure to review our Parent Volunteer Handbook. For those not enrolled as a volunteer, and unless there are special needs or circumstances, we do ask that you observe from a distance while we’re in class and “on the field”. As much as you want to be a part of the experience, and can be in many cases, some of the greatest development your son or daughter will experience depends on their ability to think and react independently of your guidance. Much like a professional golfer, who trains diligently with their swing coach on practice days but must compete on their own during tournaments, it’s important for young players to play independently at times as well. Please communicate with our office and our coaches about any questions or suggestions you may have, whether golf or life-skill related. We thank you for making the commitment to participation with The First Tee, and together we can help create an environment that promotes positive youth development and a love for the game!