Girls' Golf

First Tee – Greater Seattle partners with the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program to offer a girls club format for our golf and life skills classes. Girls Golf seeks to promote a positive environment for girls ages 7 to 18 years old to build a healthy self-esteem while learning the game of golf. With the help of strong female coaches, mentors and role models, participants are safe to learn in a girl-friendly environment that promotes confidence in self-expression. On average, girls are twice as likely to have dropped out of sports entirely by the age of 14. At Girls Golf, First Tee creates an environment where girls can excel in the sport of golf and are encouraged to explore the many opportunities the sport provides.

Thank you for expressing interest in attending this event! You have been added to the wait list and if more spaces become available, we will be in contact! Far and Sure, Leslie Guzman Program Manager First Tee - Greater Seattle Direct: 360.535.4115 | Office: 206.762.2334

Girls’ Golf Classes at First Tee

We currently offer LPGA*USGA Girls Golf at 4 facilities: Auburn Golf Course, Jefferson Park Golf Course, Jackson Park Golf Course, and Crossroads Par-3.

Spring, Summer, and Fall classes are available along with a host of other girl-friendly activities.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Girls Golf classes are open to all ages, 7 and up. All classes incorporate the Key Commitments and Life Skills, but also focus on the Five E’s: Empower, Enrich, Engage, Exercise and Energize!

Claudia Robbs’ Scholarship

More information & Application

On behalf of Claudia Robbs, First Tee – Greater Seattle will offer three (3) scholarships per year providing each winner with $300 in credit for instruction, equipment, and tournaments, and a complimentary year of enrollment in First Tee – Greater Seattle programming. This scholarship is intended to give three (3) female golfers per year a boost in their efforts to further improve their game and engage in additional competition, which can be an expensive endeavor for any family. As an advocate for women and girls in golf, Claudia worked tirelessly to make the game fun and inclusive. We thank Claudia for the impact she made in the Seattle golf community for women and her family and the Overlake Women’s Golf Club for honoring her life through this scholarship.

Who should receive the scholarships? Golfers with the drive!

Applications for 2025 will open in Fall 2024.

LPGA*USGA Girls’ Golf

All girls in First Tee are eligible to sign up for a membership in LPGA*USGA Girls’ Golf. The free, annual membership includes Girls’ Golf gear and access to both local and national special events. Download the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf app in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.

Ace Alumni and Coach, Lucy V. on being an E-Leader:

– As an E-Leader, what opportunities did it bring you? Whether they be past or present.

My favorite part of being an e-leader was coaching Girls Golf. My commitment to coaching allowed me to create connections with younger girls that I would see each season and over the years…. I also had fun organizing Girls Golf Bring-a-Friend days and volunteering at other large Girls Golf events. Organizing a Bring-a-Friend was the largest event I’d coordinated and the special part about being an e-leader is that I had a lot of support from my First Tee/Girls Golf friends to help. As I neared the end of my senior year (in high school), I was able to reflect on all the friendships and connections over my years as an e-leader, and having that support and learning experience gave me the confidence to pursue new opportunities in college! 

– How big of a time commitment was it?

I coached weekly classes over the spring, summer, and fall which was a few hours a week depending on availability and coaching needs. Our (national) board met once a month for an hour or so! The time commitment was very manageable and our director, Catherine Brabazon, contacted us individually to find meeting dates that worked for everyone. There were also a few Girls Golf webinars that we managed virtually, generally multiple-hour events but communicated and organized well in the future. Overall, the time commitment was reasonable and flexible. 

– Would you recommend it? 

I would 100% recommend the Girls Golf program overall and encourage girls to apply for the National Board. It was an eye-opening experience to see the scale of the LPGA Girls Golf program and learn about the responsibilities of administration. Learning from adults at LPGA HQ strengthened my organizational, collaboration, and leadership skills, and being able to share my experiences and advocate with a group of girls from different parts of the US was a special, unique experience.

If you have interest or questions about becoming an E-Leader, reach out to Coach Leslie.

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6/20 Girls’ Golf Play Day


4/23 Huddle up with the UW Huskies



10/26 Bring-a-Friend Day


6/20 Girls Golf Play Day @ Jefferson Park Golf Course


4/24 Huddle up with the UW Huskies



5/1 | Huddle up with the UW Huskies (Zoom Clinic – 1 hour)



4/28 | Huddle up with UW Huskies



7/28 | Girls’ Golf Play Day with the LPGA Amateur Golf Association


4/28 | Huddle up with UW Huskies

4/21 | UW Huskies Field Trip to Broadmoor GC



7/22 | Girls’ Golf Play Day with the EWGA


4/29 | Huddle up with UW Huskies



10/29 | Girls’ Golf Play Day with the Seattle U Redhawks