Opportunities for Teens

Listed Below:

  • First Tee National Opportunities
  • Scholarships & Grants
  • Junior Advisory Board (JAB)
  • Caddying
  • Work at a Golf Course
  • Junior Coach Program
    • Junior Volunteer (13+)
    • Internship (15+)
    • Staff Coach (16+)

First Tee National Opportunities

You may know that First Tee of Greater Seattle is a member of the national network of First Tee, of which there are more than 150 chapters. Headquartered in St. Augustine, FL at the World Golf Village, and founded in 1997, First Tee organization has been developing corporate and industry partnerships now for more than 20 years. First Tee offers some incredible experiences to members around the country, and we want to make sure you have the chance to consider applying for these. Each event has a different eligibility criteria, but most require participants to be age 14+, at least Birdie level, and an active member of their chapter. Some ask for specific achievements, such as: leadership experience, outstanding grades, competitive golf resumes, and extracurricular involvement.

Acceptance into these events can be very selective, but First Tee Greater Seattle is seen as a leading chapter in the network and so our nominees are given strong consideration. If you are not yet eligible, this might be a good chance to develop a goal ladders for applying in the future!

In the past four years, 30 members of First Tee Greater Seattle have been selected for these events… will you be next?

Scholarships and Grants

As a member of First Tee Greater Seattle, you are uniquely qualified for many national scholarships and grants offered by First Tee and other partner organizations. Your commitment to personal growth and life skill development, as well as pursuit of your golf goals, help strengthen your application for opportunities for financial assistance for college and some great experiences, so we hope you will consider applying to some of these.

Junior Advisory Board (JAB)

The Junior Advisory Board is comprised of high school students who are active in the program and want to give back by creating fundraising events and leadership opportunities.


Use your knowledge and passion for golf to become a caddie for local golfers! Caddying can be part-time job, a great way to meet people through golf, a way to develop valuable experience and vocational skills, and can even provide a path to a full college scholarship through the Western Golf Association.

Work at a Golf Course

Local golf courses are typically hiring throughout the year, and they are looking for responsible young candidates like you to fill their guest services positions! Minimum age is typically 16, most require a driver’s license or dependable transportation, and standard starting wage is around $14 per hour. Most golf course jobs will include such tasks as: maintaining the golf cart fleet, picking the driving range, guest and customer services, and operational support.

ALL local golf courses and country clubs will accept your resume. If you are not sure where to apply, just do a google search in your area to see what facilities are nearby!

If you are interested in applying and would like a recommendation, please contact your coach or email Evan Johnsen.

Junior Coach Program

We invite all participants age 13+ to get involved as Junior Coaches. All positions involve working directly with our coaches and staff with ample support and guidance, including seasonal chapter coach workshops. Start as a volunteer, then consider the internship and ultimately the role of assistant coach. Training increases at every level, and our goal is to support the program’s objectives as well as your own in taking the next steps in life!

All leaders in First Tee are known as “coaches,” and our primary role is exactly that, but we have many more responsibilities as well that can include special events, communication, technology and data management, and curriculum development.

For all positions, there is no minimum hourly commitment, but a consistent weekly schedule will be developed for you each season based on your availability.

 Junior Volunteer Coach

For those age 13+. Gain community service hours for school, “leadership service” hours toward your Ace certification with First Tee, and build your skills as a leader and team member. Work directly with lead staff coaches.

Must be age 13+ and currently enrolled or with previous golf experience.


For those age 15+. Focus is primarily (90%) on coaching and program delivery, including special events, and to include some administrative tasks (10%) to build skills related to technology and communication. Paid stipend available.

Must be age 15+, currently enrolled and at the Birdie level or higher, and have at least 1 full season of volunteer coaching experience.


Assistant Coach

For those age 16+. Join the coaching team as a “Golf & Life Skills Coach”. Help develop and deliver lesson plans and support both the lead coaching staff and Program Director in achieving seasonal goals in your classes. Become a nationally recognized Assistant Coach with First Tee. Paid hourly wage.

Must be age 16+ and have served at least 2 seasons as an intern with the chapter.