Frequently Asked Questions


New to First Tee?

Welcome! Click here to learn more about the program and how to get involved.

Enrolled and Ready to Play?

Learn about weekly class structure, how to prepare for class, and more details.

Certification and Level Progression

Find out how to progress through the First Tee levels.

Role of Parents

As a parent or guardian, how best can you support your children in the program and in the game of golf?

Golf Equipment – Info & Special Offers

We provide clubs at no cost for new members, but at some point you may wish to purchase a full set.

Open Play & Youth on Course

Take advantage of your membership benefits to play more golf outside of class!

Junior Golf Tournaments

There are many opportunities for participants to compete outside of First Tee. Check out the opportunities available.

Private Lessons & Instruction

There are many local resources available for participants to work on expertise and mastery of the game of golf.


For those looking for a great summer job, and maybe even a college scholarship, we recommend considering becoming a caddie at a local golf course! First Tee members are uniquely qualified to become a caddie, with their knowledge of golf rules, etiquette, and the Nine Core Values.